A Word from a Teenager

People giving advice to young manToday we have a treat.  Two of our students write about the difficulties of being a teenage christian.  With these posts I am keeping their names anonymous because it works better that way and they have the freedom to say what they want.  These two students are close to my heart and have been with me in the youth for some time.  I love them so much and admire their courage.  I will give my reaction below. 

Student 1

The hardest thing about being a teen is not knowing enough about scripture.  And when someone desperately comes up to you and needs to know about the Word you’re afraid that you don’t know enough.  Another thing is going to a school that no one believes in Christianity its really hard because sure we get called all kinds of names but you just have to go on.  Another thing is not having “school friends” that are Christians, because they don’t know how to act or relate to you but still they are your best friends.  Those are the hardest things about being a christian teen.
Student 2
The hardest thing about being a Christian Teen is being yourself.  It is so simple but for some reason so difficult.  We are influenced by so many things everyday: friends, family, media, etc.  Sometimes we are hidden by all the things that we think we should be or what others think we should be, and we lose sight of who we really are and what our mission is as Christians.  It eventually takes over our lives and we forget what the important things truly are.  It is important that we do listen to people, but we must be careful of what and who influences our decisions.
I admire both of their responses as they are real issues.  I did not grow up as a Christian so these are issues I have not experienced in school.  I appreciate Student 2 for we all struggle with making decisions and what is wise and unwise.  Influences are innumerable on what we choose and everyone thinks they have the best possible way for which you should live.  Student 1 hits home to me for the quest to know enough Scripture is always on my heart.  But there is no end to that quest but only the patience to be humble enough in certain times to say, “I don’t know!”  I hope you learned from these voices as I have learned from being their friend.  Have a blessed day. 
Next Wednesday’s Topic:  Things I wish My Parents Would Understand About Me.  Should be interesting. 
Tomorrow’s Guest Post is From a Parent: 5 Things A Youth Minister Needs to Know that Will Make His Job Better

2 thoughts on “A Word from a Teenager

  1. “Anonymous Teens”,
    Very well written by both of you. Student 1 – what you wrote reminds me of what Seth said to me when he was graduating from SHS. We were talking about the pros and cons of his time at SHS and he stated that he felt it had made him a stronger Christian because he went to SHS. He felt he had to work harder at it. Those words have stuck with me and made me proud of him and the influence he did have on others at SHS. So stay strong – you are being made stronger and somebody is watching your Christian light shine. Student 2 – what you wrote hit home as well. What you wrote is true of all of us – young or old. We get caught up in the world and everything around us. Then something happens to bring us down to our knees and we realize we have it all wrong. It is an everyday struggle whether you are 16, 48 or 65. Thanks to both of you for sharing. It is great to read what is on your hearts.

    Cara King

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