Aphesis 8 (Fruits of Forgiveness)

Thanks for joining me on this series and stay tuned on Monday as I announce a new series from a group of men who will be guest bloggers!!!

So what does forgiveness do?  What are the positive aspects of forgiveness. Disclaimer:  not putting down Scripture as you can look them up on your own.

  1. Salvation.  Without forgiveness we cannot be saved!
  2. Peace.  Letting things go tends to give us a peace of mind that makes me think of what God feels like when he forgives us.  God does not want us to suffer for our sin and so letting it go is something he freely chooses.  The same could be said about us in that there is an immense amount of freedom when you let something go or someone let’s something go against you.
  3. Unity.  You go to a church that is forgiving and I can almost guarantee that this church is a unified church.  Why?  Because this is a church that senses all people are broken and without the blood of Jesus none of us are able to access God so that does not divide us but it unites us.
  4. Direction.  If there is no forgiveness then there is no direction in life.  It seems forgiveness is paradoxiacally the ending point and starting point of a Christian spiritual journey.  The great news is that forgiveness is a proleptic ministry of Jesus Christ.  It is an already-but-not-yet aspect of the kingdom of God in which we continually receive forgiveness but we will not reap the ultimate benefits until the final day.

This was a short post but a no-brainer in my opinion.  Do you want to know how to remember it?  S.P.U.D. Salvation Peace Unity Direction.

So go out there and forgive and be forgiven.  We do not have much time to waste so let things go and be free.


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