Book Review(s): Stuff Christians Like AND Transforming Discipleship

Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff

I have wanted to get this book for months and several times was a click away from purchasing the book but I hesitated and put it off. So instead of buying it I met Jon Acuff at the Denver Airport and he signed it and gave it to me (along with Quitter). I have followed his blog continuously and have enjoyed his sense of satire, story, sarcasm, wit and ability to make sense of the complicated Christian milieu. The book is filled with mini-stories about Christian actions, words and idiosyncrasies that are hilarious. With every story there are truths and the truths will leave you both laughing and crying. From “Booty-God-Booty” to “Secret Christian Bands” the book is filled with stories that speak to you. You must have a sense of humor to read this book otherwise you will come away thinking Jon is bashing Christians. He’s not. He is telling our story.

Transforming Discipleship by Greg Ogden

This book came to me from my brother-in-law Andy Walker as a book to read about discipleship. I was skeptical at first because it read almost too easy and too fast. I wanted a complicated, theological, nay academic treatise on the subject but what I got was a practical, simple and well-thought out plan to make disciples. I must admit that I have failed miserably in creating disciples in my ministry. I have created safe atmospheres for transformation but have not intentionally fostered relationships which will in turn create better, more mature disciples. Ogden’s main premise is that a discipler must be with two (maximum of 3) other individuals in a covenant relationship for one year working through material but mainly just creating an environment for growth and accountability (although he cringes with that word.) I recommend this book for a how-to process specifically in the context of a church with churched people. This book is probably not a good evangelistic tool (even he recommends Neil Cole’s resources for that) but is excellent at making Christians become followers of Christ who will lead other followers and on and on.


3 thoughts on “Book Review(s): Stuff Christians Like AND Transforming Discipleship

    1. Thanks Kyle. Some people really get bent out of shape about his comedy I just think man you guys just need to calm down and not take stuff so seriously.

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