How do I write curriculum for Youth Ministry

January 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

Like many of you, we have a set curriculum flow in our ministry and we use LIVE curriculum from the guys at Simply Youth Ministry. It has been an awesome tool for us to use and simply to put in the hands of our teachers who have material that is engaging, biblical, concise and relevant. Yet, we also have class on Wednesday nights and sometimes we have a special focus we do on Sunday mornings. I probably write 4-5 series a year that is mostly topic but every now and then I will spend time in a book. Often though I get asked, “How do you write so much material for your students?” I would like to give you some ideas that might help you in this and might spurn you to some amazing works. Only you can write the best curriculum for your group because only you know the DNA of your folk. Here my suggestions:

  • Jot down what your group is struggling with.

It could be a massive catastrophe that happened and you need to take some time to process it or it could be that your group is experiencing a lot of sexual temptations. What are their struggles?

  • Think biblical principles for growth

We need to move on having “neat ideas” and have something that will help them grow as a disciple. Don’t talk about faith, show them.

  • Think of different learning styles.

Do not write curriculum to be read to students with discussion questions at the end. Some students need that, some students need video, some students need games, but most need some type of physical engagement. Also have discussion questions that are thought provoking. Move past the “what do you think about that” questions.

  • Write a little bit each week

Have a schedule where you write a lesson a week. That is pretty easy to do. If you can’t do that then something is wrong with you. Seriously.

  • Ask feedback from the kids

They will tell you if they got something out of it or not. Let them process it with you.

  • Just keep doing it…

Some of my early series I wrote just stinks. I might even be judged for that kind of crap. Growth comes from consistency, persistence and the Holy Spirit.

What would you suggest? or…

What do you think about that? 🙂


One response to How do I write curriculum for Youth Ministry

    Robbie Mackenzie January 30, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Doug Fields has a great comment about speaking which I think applies to this message: “Make your entire talk about communicating the big idea and don’t wander into other topics. You will leave your audience without a clear takeaway.” See the full post at

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