Youth Ministry and Background Checks…Help me out…

I have never done these but feel compelled to have ALL those who chaperone and volunteer to do this. But, I need some feedback…

  • What is the best company to do this with? Cost-effective…
  • Do you keep this stuff on file?
  • How do you deal with the criticism of “Well I guess you don’t trust us anymore”?

Would you help me out?


5 thoughts on “Youth Ministry and Background Checks…Help me out…

  1. 1) I’m not sure who we use, but I can get back to you on that.
    2) We do keep them on file. And we are supposed to make notes when we call references and keep those on file as well.
    3) I just don’t find a lot of people who are critical of the background check process. We do it for all our volunteers. I also find that when I call the listed references on someones application, the people I talk to are usually very thankful we are doing this. Probably 7 of 10 times, I hear something like, “I really appreciate you making these calls. This is important.” And that is after they have given a glowing review of someone.
    It’s awkward making phone calls about an Elder’s wife who is going on a retreat. But if they truly love teens, they understand why this matters. If they truly love teens, they will understand our desire to protect them at all cost.

  2. Robbie,
    First of all, I believe that it is not the “job” of the youth minister to do the background check. Most of this work should have been completed by the eldership or leaders of the congregation.
    If you feel the need to do a background check this is what i would recommend.
    1. Speak with the individual personally. Give them the opportunity to tell if there should be any concerns from the past that might affect the future.
    2. Inform them of the procedure about to take place.
    3. Do a national and state check to see if they are on the registered sex offenders. (This is free for each state.)
    4. What group you use to do a background check varies. Just do your homework.
    5. Keep their records (SECURED)
    6. Trust IS what this is about and PROTECTION of our children that we are responsible for!

  3. Robbie,
    We complete background checks on everyone that works with our children. I have found that everyone is more than willing to fill out the paper work. I guess if they’re not that would be a red flag. We feel as if we owe it to the children and parents to help protect them. Our office manager sends them off and the cost is really cheap. I can find out the company. She also has a secured file for all background checks. In my opinion, this is a must do. It has become very helpful for us.

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