My name is Robbie Mackenzie and I am honored you have taken the time to look me up on this blog.  It is a compilation of thoughts, opinions, sermons, classes and sometimes a rant or two.  It is one-part journal and one-part informational.  I am the youth minister to a bunch of crazy students at the Main Street Church of Christ in Springfield, Tennessee. I have been there since July 31, 2004 and considered it one of the smartest things I have been involved with in my entire existence. I hope you enjoy these lessons as many of them come from study but most of them come from humor and, forgive me, sometimes a little sarcasm.  I learned that laughter is indeed the best medicine (something my dad taught me growing up) and so hopefully you too will laugh as often as you can.  Please make room for grahammer mistakes as I am not an english teacher and most of the time I am typing between projects.  So sit back, drink some coffee, and enjoy yourself as you read some thoughts from a very different person.


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    Todd Haig nine out of ten ! I know how hard it is to race him there because we have been in a btatle with him pulling Pete for the last three years. Those skiers you are talking about are all very good with the exception of Wayne Mawer as he is a great skier as well as Zig but the fact is Marty and Peter are the only ones that have really raced Todd. I give respect to Karl but Todd had spotted the field 1 min 43 seconds that year .again I think if you want to chirp up then post your real name .just my take on it

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