I’m back…

The wife and I were watching Lord of the Rings: Two Towers last night and there is a scene where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli venture into Fangorn Forest (Yes I had to look all of this up) looking for Peragrin and Meriadoc (other hobbits in the Fellowship) when they happen upon what looks like a … Continue reading I’m back…


RobbieMackenzie.com 2012 Numbers

2012 was my best blogging  year yet. I wanted to share my numbers with you and my top 5 posts. Thanks for making 2012 my best year. Total Views   Total 2009 6,963 2010 9,297 2011 11,675 2012 19,574 Average per Day   Overall 2009 21 2010 25 2011 32 2012 54 Top 5 Unique … Continue reading RobbieMackenzie.com 2012 Numbers

The Controversial Blogpost/Sermon/Class/Article/Email

Some things just get a person in trouble. Many of us have been guilty of writing that scathing e-mail where we use ALL CAPS to get our point across and later regretted we even sent that e-mail. Or maybe you wrote that blog post with every intention of settling the score once-and-for-all only to have … Continue reading The Controversial Blogpost/Sermon/Class/Article/Email

Youth Ministry 6.3 Lesson #26 Andy Blanks – Youth ministry 360 (Blogging)

Here's a chance for you to win the VIVID curriculum.  Simply watch the movie and give me your feedback in the comments below.  No need to subscribe to my blog (I would love for you to but know you get tons of emails anyway) but just leave a comment below.  Tomorrow I will select a random person … Continue reading Youth Ministry 6.3 Lesson #26 Andy Blanks – Youth ministry 360 (Blogging)