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Today was a fun day in that we took the kids ti see a show which had dolphins, birds, reptiles and the like.  Then we spent time on the beach after eating at The Back Porch.  Yummmmm!!!!!!!  For the first time ever Kaleb arose from his nap and said he did not want to go to the beach.. “Dad,” he said, “it’s too hot.”  Madelyn is about the tannest little child I have ever seen.  She likes the beach ok but it is Amelia who seems to have the best time.  Between riding on the float over the ways to building a sand castle she seems to enjoy it the most.  My back is better but it still feels like someone is jamming a sword in my spinal column. 

I was at the table this morning when one of the family members said “‘Proof’ is a pretty tough word to uphold.”  I forget the context of how the word was used but I could not help but to think of its implications. 

When it comes to God it is hard to prove He exists. 

When it comes to our faith it is hard to give proof that we have it. 

When we tell someone we love them it is difficult to empirically prove it. 

Or even when we say something is fool-proof that seems to often come back to haunt us in the end. 

Question: Can you prove you love God? How would you/could you do it?  Prove it…