How to not lose your sanity before church services on Sundays

I may be the only one who experiences this but our pre-church service routine on Sunday mornings is similar to battlefield scenarios in war situations. There are strategies to do just about everything that needs to get done. One of the following seems to happen to at least one of our children on Sunday mornings: … Continue reading How to not lose your sanity before church services on Sundays

Hidden Agendas

9 But there was a man named Simon, who had previously practiced magic in the city and amazed the people of Samaria, saying that he himself was somebody great. 10 They all paid attention to him, from the least to the greatest, saying, “This man is the power of God that is called Great.” 11 And they paid … Continue reading Hidden Agendas

Multiply Movement – David Platt and Francis Chan

I talked with a friend at the YMCA this morning and he told me about this new project his church is doing. He said that discipleship has been on their minds for some time and they discovered this new effort where David Platt (wrote Radical) and Francis Chan (wrote Crazy Love and Erasing Hell) are … Continue reading Multiply Movement – David Platt and Francis Chan

Crimson Tide Fans and the Gospel

Last night I had the opportunity to speak at the Old Hickory Church of Christ on the subject, "Crafting Your Personal Vision." I made the statement that in order to find your personal vision one needs to understand what bothers them in this world. In other words, in their heart of hearts, what do they … Continue reading Crimson Tide Fans and the Gospel

Meetings and Ministry: Some Do’s and Dont’s

We have attended meetings that made us want to dodge oncoming traffic. You know those meetings where you come out feeling like you have sparred with the New Zealand Rugby team? Since meetings are unavoidable I have compiled a list of some DOs and DONTs for us to think about. DO have an agenda... and … Continue reading Meetings and Ministry: Some Do’s and Dont’s

Over-Devotionalized and Under-Discipled

I had a discussion with a youth minister friend of mine about some struggles I was having in which I felt like I was on an island. Let me explain. My youth group and college students love to sing. Many members in the church love to sing. They get together and they sing and sing … Continue reading Over-Devotionalized and Under-Discipled

Will the Real Church Please Stand Up? (Part 1)

I am afraid we have missed the boat on a lot of key things and as a result, our young people (teens and twenty-somethings) have become disenchanted with organized religion. Keep in mind that this is not indicative of every church context (I know...your church is always the exception right?) but ever since I became a member … Continue reading Will the Real Church Please Stand Up? (Part 1)

Churches and Racial Seperation

I am hesitant to write this post namely because I cannot control how people will respond to it.  I also want to admit there is a host of history I am aware of but am not trained in that precludes the issues we will address in this post. However, I am struggling with the ramifications … Continue reading Churches and Racial Seperation