Confession and Repentance: Two Different Animals

I have attended many youth conferences where the speaker offers an invitation at the end of a lesson. At some of the conferences the speaker is really effective and it seems a combination of life circumstances and the Spirit of God ripping people's hearts out causes people to go forward during the invitation and confess … Continue reading Confession and Repentance: Two Different Animals

90 Days in Him (2) – Nobody’s Perfect but…

I am three days into reading the bible through in 90 days and I have to admit one thing: Nobody's Perfect. Adam and Eve disappointed me by doing the only thing they were not supposed to do. Abraham disappointed me by lying about his wife...twice. Sarah disappointed me by laughing at God doubting his ability … Continue reading 90 Days in Him (2) – Nobody’s Perfect but…

Churches and Racial Seperation

I am hesitant to write this post namely because I cannot control how people will respond to it.  I also want to admit there is a host of history I am aware of but am not trained in that precludes the issues we will address in this post. However, I am struggling with the ramifications … Continue reading Churches and Racial Seperation

Aphesis 8 (Fruits of Forgiveness)

Thanks for joining me on this series and stay tuned on Monday as I announce a new series from a group of men who will be guest bloggers!!! So what does forgiveness do?  What are the positive aspects of forgiveness. Disclaimer:  not putting down Scripture as you can look them up on your own. Salvation. … Continue reading Aphesis 8 (Fruits of Forgiveness)

Aphesis 7 (Some Roadblocks)

We have looked at the biblical witness to forgiveness and we have looked at the early church father's practice of forgiveness.  We discussed the pressing need for us to let God do what he said he would and that is to forgive us and to not lay hold of things against us.  We also discussed … Continue reading Aphesis 7 (Some Roadblocks)

Aphesis 6 (Letting go)

My primary concern with this blog is that we must forgive people for what they have done to us or against us.  Jesus said this: “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not … Continue reading Aphesis 6 (Letting go)

Aphesis 5 (Letting God)

Whew!!!  We got a lot of theology that we unpacked (not nearly as much as we could have) and now let's get practical. I hate stripped-bolts, screws or rounded oil-drain plugs.  I have encountered them at various junctures of my life but I met a nasty one underneath my van a couple of weeks ago … Continue reading Aphesis 5 (Letting God)

Aphesis 4 (Early Church Fathers and Forgiveness)

When I say early church fathers I mean those early Christian thinkers between about 150ad-350ad.  Examples are men like Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus, Ignatius, Tertullian and other thinkers.  A big disclaimer is that these were just men and their words are not necessarily God's word.  I do find their view of forgiveness somewhat intriguing though. … Continue reading Aphesis 4 (Early Church Fathers and Forgiveness)

Aphesis 3 (New Testament and Forgiveness)

Admittedly the first four lessons of this study is rich in theology but it is always important to have an exegetical framework before you make a biblical assertion.  One could say, "God is gracious" but if they do not understand why or how God is gracious then they are making a blind assertion. Forgiveness in … Continue reading Aphesis 3 (New Testament and Forgiveness)

Aphesis 2 (Old Testament and Forgiveness)

The Old Testament is filled with stories of forgiveness both from God (David and Bathsheba) and forgiveness between man (Joseph and his brothers).  The concept of forgiveness as Christians perceive is not the sense in which the Hebrew Scriptures portrays it.  The Hebrew word (verb) meaning to forgive (calach) actually undergoes no change throughout the … Continue reading Aphesis 2 (Old Testament and Forgiveness)