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Dear 2010

December 28, 2010 — Leave a comment

Dear 2010,

Like most years you started with much ambition, goal-setting and prayer.  Like most years though things happen and the plans started usually ended before you began Spring.  2010 you move too quickly as I saw the birth of my fourth child and then the other children turn 2, 4 and 5.  You are relentless in how you keep moving forward and before I could even get a handle on you now you are leaving.  You did not bring me much comfort this year as I saw Haiti become devastated and people dying all over the world.  2010 you are unforgiving.  I wish you would slow down so I could tell all of the people how much I love them and miss them.  2010 you did bring a lot of good to the ministry here as we had a few amazing souls baptized: Meredith, Hannah, Rebecca, Morgan, Derek, Elijah and probably others I have forgotten.  Friends graduated, 2010, and moved away quicker than I could say good-bye.  2010I am not sure what to make of you.  You are an enigma wrapped up in a mystery.  I wish you would not leave so fast though because next year I turn 30 and I am scared, nervous, and confused about the possibilities that are ahead.  However, if my 30s are going to be better than my 20s then I am ready for it but if you would just wait 2010 then I could prepare myself for 2011. Like most years, 2010, you brought both life and death, sadness and happiness, frustration and fulfillment which leaves us wanting.  I just have a request from you then I will leave you alone.  Will you talk to your friend 2011 before you leave and tell him that I want a better year?  Will you tell him to slow down so I can enjoy my kids better?  Will you tell him to bring reflection, contemplation and celebration to my life so I can be all that I can be for Main Street and my family?  Good-bye 2010 and I am thankful you came into my life…I will think about you often.  

Your participant,

Robbie Mackenzie


“It’s raining, it’s pouring the old man is snoring…”  This week has been a good opportunity for us to do some mission work that requires us to get dirty, get physical and to push our mental limits as to how far we are willing to go to help others.  We started the week off at Denson Avenue in Madison, Tennessee at a rental house owned by a lady who lives in Springfield.  I discovered this house after a few phone calls to different churches in Nashville.  Rob Touchstone from Tuscumbia Church of Christ gave me a lead on this street and told me to go knock on some doors asking for help.  So I did.  The house we worked at did not have the sub-floors torn out so we spent the day doing just that.  The boards had mold on them and the crawl space was filled with debris that had to be removed (insulation, books, a marriage certificate, pictures and other items).  We finished the day at Dozier Boat Dock Road in between Ashland City and Charlotte Tennessee off of  HWY 49.  We picked up glass, siding, metal debris and other objects.  Yesterday we went to Bellevue to help a gentleman out who is associated with the churches of Christ.  His wife works at the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief.  IT was the anti-thesis of what we did on Monday.  Instead of deconstructing a sub-floor we actually constructed and installed a new sub-floor.  It was neat to see the process go from demolition to reconstruction and how it all turned out.  

Today…the Lord saw it fit for us to rest as it stormed all morning and they are calling for a 70% chance of rain all day.  So we will rest and meet tonight to eat together.  All-in-all we have had an excellent work day.  Tomorrow we will clean up the trails at Radnor Lake that were destroyed in the flood.  Friday we will either work in Bellevue or return to place in Ashland City.  Thanks to all for your prayers, leads, money and efforts.  They are all appreciated.

The picture below is taken of a house we went into a cleaned that we were not supposed to be in.  But we helped them I am sure anyways. 

This house below was just off of the Cumberland River (Dozier Boat Dock Rd.) and is condemed.