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Trip to Zambia March 11-22, 2009

Zambia Tuesday-Thursday

March 19, 2009 — 1 Comment

We went to Victoria Falls on Tuesday and a game park on Wednesday.  The falls were magnificent and probably the highlight of the trip.  I am amazaed that God could create somethign so magnificent and powerful.  The thunderous sound of the water rolling over the peak was a sight that will not soon be removed from my memory.  Daniel Rushing and I had a monkey walk right beside us and I could have kicked it.  I was afraid it was going to gnaw my leg off but thankfully it kept walking.  I will upload the video later.  We saw some neat animals at the game park and it was an experience being up close and personal with a few. 

Today we have been working and there is a bit of a break and we are about to enjoy a nice lunch.  The people here are so friendly.  Something I learned today…1 out of 5 people die from HIV in Africa.  There are a few on the campus who have HIV and it is sad to know that their life will be cut short.  The church has slacked in its response to this dreadful disease.  We treat souls but often to the neglect of treating people’s bodies.  There has to be an answer that Jesus has for the suffering and oppression in the world.  I talked to a friend who I am working with whose name is Sidney and he has three girls and a wife and told me he can barely feed them.  He looked at me and could see that I have not missed a meal in a while and I felt guilty.  The church here in Zambia empowers the natives to live on their own and provide a way to sustian living.  They do not give money away!  That is what it is all about.  Empowering people! 

I got to go!


It is 9:30 Monday morning and we are slowed by some rain and have not started work so I thought it would be appropriate to take a little time to tell you about yesterday.  Worship was different in that they worshipped for  2 1/2 hours where as if we did that in the states people would freak out.  My grandmother told me a maximum of 15 minutes if I were to preach and yet they had one preacher who went for 45 minutes and another for 20 minutes.  The singing was amazing as they poured their hearts out to God.  The churc hwas located in central Lusaka and was by the road where there was trash all over the place.  I mean there werebottles piled as high as you could imagine along with paper, food wrappers, and anything else they could throw away.  We went to the market and I bought souveiners for the family.  Shopping was interesting because we had people trying to force us to buy things and then rip us off by giving an outrageous price.  We bargained with most and most of us, from our perspective, got a really good deal on the things we bought.  That does not mean I went cheap on my family but you get the picture.  We are going to Victoria Falls tomorrow and it will be an 8 hour drive on some bumpy roads through some beautiful country.  We are getting a lot accomplished and this seems like a really amazing work.  As I am writing this a little boy is sleeping in his crip fast asleep and my mind is immediately drawn to my kids.  How I miss them.  I jokingly said that I am going to get back to the States and Kaleb is going to have a beard and Amelia will be married. 

It is 1:34 am at home so I imagine all things are well with the family.  It looks like a busy week so I need to retreat but…in the words of Tigger…TTFN or, Tah-Tah For Now!


March 14, 2009 — 2 Comments

Today was a good day as we got to see a traditional African wedding.  It was, to say the least, celebratory.  They had people singing, dancing and all sorts of things that really let the people know that they are happy to celebrate the groom and the bride.  I am tired today and am sun burnt and feel a little homesick missing Heather and the kids,.  I know I am doing a good work and need to stay put (Neh. 6:4) but it is easier to do it with the encouragement from family.  I look forward to the day they can come with me.  I think about how Americans view the “good life” and feel that it is completely messed up.  We think we need the nice home, the new car, the nice china set and we think we have to make our kids participate in this sport or that sport or this event or that event and that is the good life.  Zambians are not affected by that type of living because they have nothing.  The poverty is nation-wide and is affected by America’s selfish living.  I look at what I value and realize and is so skewed by America’s view.  The good life is to be with the ones you love in the light of His love.  If we have God then what else do we need?  Amen (1 Tim. 6:7-8)?  I struggle with this so much. 

We almost finished the walls of the building today and hopefully we will finish Monday and start on another building.  I am making a lot of friends as I am fairly outgoing and the brubnt of a good joke amongst the Africans  They like making fun of me and I can take a joke.  I have learned to “lay block” effectively but I am so slow becuase I am methodical due to my perfectionism.  Oh well.

I miss the youth group becuae that is what I have been called to do for my life but I am doing this for right now.  Well maybe I will post tomorrow. 

Love to all.

Zambia: Day 1

March 13, 2009 — 1 Comment

We arrived safely in Lusaka, Zambia around 9pm local time which is 1pm CST. It was an amazing opporutnity for us to realize how didfferent life really is from our ehtnocentric mindsets. Psalm 8 is particularly helpful in this time when I was in the airplane. I found myself thiking of the kids on the bus ride from Lusaka to Chilanga and how they would love to be in Africa. I can’t wait until they get to go on a misison trip with their daddy. God permitting.

There is one shower and one bathroom to share in a house that has no central het or air but the living conditions are excellent. Today we are going to be doing a lot of construction work but it is quite different than that done in Mexico. We will see. It is 12:10am home and we are getting to work!!!

I love it.

Zambia today

March 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

We leave in 10 minutes for Zambia. I am ready for this but need you to pray for the families we leave behind. It will be an exciting trip of unknowns but one thing is for sure…The Lord is in control!