Feeling Like a Drain Plug

The Christian's life is a fickle thing fraught with interesting turns and challenging twists. One day we feel like God is our BFF and nothing can separate us from His abundant love and the next day we feel like there is a cosmic chasm between God's grace and the fate of our everlasting souls. While … Continue reading Feeling Like a Drain Plug

National Conference on Youth Ministries – Day 2

Great day I experienced with classes, super-sessions and keynote messages from some of the finest people in Christianity. I typed 10 pages of notes yesterday so I cannot include everything here but I want to give you some highlights that stood out to me. Tuesday Morning, Mike Cope “Spiritual Intubation: How Community Keeps Us Alive” … Continue reading National Conference on Youth Ministries – Day 2

Sermon on Patience

I am speaking tonight at Crittenden Drive Church of Christ in Russelville, Kentucky and this is my lesson on patience. It's not the typical lesson on patience you might hear... Patience James 5:7-10             I am struggling at speaking with you tonight because the topic assigned to me is one that I immensely struggle with. … Continue reading Sermon on Patience

Crimson Tide Fans and the Gospel

Last night I had the opportunity to speak at the Old Hickory Church of Christ on the subject, "Crafting Your Personal Vision." I made the statement that in order to find your personal vision one needs to understand what bothers them in this world. In other words, in their heart of hearts, what do they … Continue reading Crimson Tide Fans and the Gospel

Doctrine of Retribution – Part 1 (Introduction)

The biblical character Job endured more suffering than most people will ever experience. The "Satan" works a couple of deals with God, an act we may never understand fully, and inflicts unimaginable suffering on Job by destroying his children, his livestock and ultimately his physical body. Job's three friends (four if you count Elihu) and … Continue reading Doctrine of Retribution – Part 1 (Introduction)

Teaching Your Students About the Importance of Advent – Part 5

Lesson #4 – What are the implications of advent? INTRODUCTION Hopefully, if done right, this lesson will be delivered around (or on) Christmas day and will be good for discussion.  Please feel free to go over what has been taught and learned in the previous four weeks and discuss any revelations that have occurred amongst … Continue reading Teaching Your Students About the Importance of Advent – Part 5

The Dirty Seven and the Church 2 – Haughty Eyes

We are continuing a series of how people perceive the church and using Proverbs 6:16-19 (7 Deadly Sins) as a framework for our discussion. 16 There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: 17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, 18 a heart that devises wicked … Continue reading The Dirty Seven and the Church 2 – Haughty Eyes

Aphesis 3 (New Testament and Forgiveness)

Admittedly the first four lessons of this study is rich in theology but it is always important to have an exegetical framework before you make a biblical assertion.  One could say, "God is gracious" but if they do not understand why or how God is gracious then they are making a blind assertion. Forgiveness in … Continue reading Aphesis 3 (New Testament and Forgiveness)

Life does exist after 30

I have delayed writing this post much like I delay going to the dentist, doctor or even a car repair shop.  It is the self-discovery that I dread and the inevitable bad news that comes from a doctor's office or a repair shop that I loathe.  Nevertheless I drudge on through because it is only … Continue reading Life does exist after 30