National Conference on Youth Ministries – Day 2

Great day I experienced with classes, super-sessions and keynote messages from some of the finest people in Christianity. I typed 10 pages of notes yesterday so I cannot include everything here but I want to give you some highlights that stood out to me. Tuesday Morning, Mike Cope “Spiritual Intubation: How Community Keeps Us Alive” … Continue reading National Conference on Youth Ministries – Day 2

Finding Balance

I was in the airport in Las Vegas when  a man walked by talking to another gentleman and said these words: "We got to ride on a train and see some poverty. It was fun to see what it was like." My initial reaction to this man was disdain because since when does viewing people … Continue reading Finding Balance

Christmas 7 (Objections Answered)

I have already addressed some issues concerning Christmas (i.e. paganism, materialism, et al) but a couple objections from the Scriptures I think need to be contextually situated before they are mis-applied to Christmas. The first one I mentioned in the first post and that people use Jeremiah 10:1-10 and the "trees" and "asherah poles" as … Continue reading Christmas 7 (Objections Answered)

Silencing the Haters

Last night the youth group and I had an excellent period of worship at our monthly teen devotional.  I directed our thoughts from Philippians 1:27-30 and it seemed to be a good grounding point for the challenging next few weeks for the teenagers.  The Philippian church was not without her faults as apparently there were … Continue reading Silencing the Haters

Mediation and Reconciliation

I am in a class at Lipscomb covering the Prison Epistles (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon) and yesterday we covered Philemon which is a short book with only one chapter (or at least the book is a know what I mean).  I never considered how theologically rich this little book could possibly be but … Continue reading Mediation and Reconciliation