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I am three days into reading the bible through in 90 days and I have to admit one thing: Nobody’s Perfect. Adam and Eve disappointed me by doing the only thing they were not supposed to do. Abraham disappointed me by lying about his wife…twice. Sarah disappointed me by laughing at God doubting his ability to deliver her a son. Rebekah and Jacob disappointed me by deliberately deceiving Isaac to steal Esau’s blessing. Esau disappointed me by giving up his birthright. Jacob disappointed me by neglecting Leah (albeit he married her under horrible circumstances) and focusing on Rachel. Speaking of Rachel, she disappointed me by lying about the household gods she stole (deception is a major motif in Abraham’s lineage). Jacob’s sons disappointed me by selling their brother Joseph to the Ishmaelites but who could blame them since Joseph bragged about his superior status in a dream he had. Judah disappointed me by sleeping with a prostitute who actually was not a prostitute but only his daughter-in-law (indicates Judah desired prostitutes on a regular basis).


Nobody’s perfect…

At all…


Joseph will restore his relationship with his brothers. Jacob will be blessed. Isaac’s heritage will live on and Abraham will once again be the father of many nations. We will all remember Adam because he was the first but also a predecessor for the Second Adam (Christ). Nobody’s perfect. You want to pick and prod at the bible because of its flawless characters then you will have more than you can handle. Scripture is full of them.

So is the church.

You want to point out the church’s hypocrisy…it’s apparent inconsistencies…it’s faulure to act…it’s unresponsive nature to critical issues while focusing on minor issues. You’re right. But nobody’s perfect.


We all fall short and we all fail at glorifying God which, last time I checked, is a daily reminder of our need to repent and ask and seek forgiveness.

Anything to add?



I am going to read the bible through in 90 days and occasionally I want to post a devotional message from it. today I read Genesis 1-16 and a thought came to me at the close of my reading.

Hagar is Sarai’s servant who was given to Abram so that a child could be born to Abram and Sarai (Gen. 16:1-3). The problem is that this turned Sarai’s inability to conceive as a recipe for jealousy and bitterness towards Hagar and she “dealt harshly” with her and eventually Hagar fled (16:4-7). Hagar met the angel of the Lord (the text actually records that the angel of the Lord “found” her. Sometimes we find God and sometimes God finds us) and was told that she was with child and was going to bear a donkey of a man whose name will be Ishmael (16:7-12). What is recorded next is worthy of special attention:

13 So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” 14 Therefore the well was called Beer-lahai-roi; it lies between Kadesh and Bered.

Beer-lahai-roi is Hebrew for, “well of the living who sees me.” Hagar was comforted by the fact that God saw her in the midst of a wandering in the wilderness. God is the one who “sees” us and notices us. Throughout the Genesis 1-16 reading God has paid special attention to his creation. He saw that man was alone (2:18) and created woman for him. God saw that Adam and Eve sinned (3:8-9) and punished man. God saw the wickedness of Cain (4), the corruption of the Earth (6), the righteousness of Noah(6:8), the pride of the nations building a tower (11) and on and on. We serve a God who “sees” everything…good and bad.


  • Sometimes we pursue God while other times God pursues us.
  • God notices our affliction.
  • God notices our sin.
  • God is concerned about the redemption of mankind.
  • God is concerned about his covenant.

Any thoughts?