Doctrine of Retribution – Part 1 (Introduction)

The biblical character Job endured more suffering than most people will ever experience. The "Satan" works a couple of deals with God, an act we may never understand fully, and inflicts unimaginable suffering on Job by destroying his children, his livestock and ultimately his physical body. Job's three friends (four if you count Elihu) and … Continue reading Doctrine of Retribution – Part 1 (Introduction)

Birth to Death – Every Man’s Journey

"The journey of every human being begins in the mother's womb, with life defined not by possessions but by intimate dependence on the one who gives life itself.  It ends in the womb of the grave, where one is stripped of possessions and intimately reconnected with 'mother earth'.  There are no exceptions; every life must … Continue reading Birth to Death – Every Man’s Journey

Materialism Quote

Thought you might enjoy this rather long quote from a most wonderful book I am reading called The Radical Disciple by Dr. John Stott.  Matierialism-a preoccupation with material things-can smother our spiritual life.  Jesus told us not to store up treasure on earth and warned us against covetousness.  So did the apostle Paul, urging us instead to … Continue reading Materialism Quote

Break from Blogging and Personal Updates

As you well know I have had a temporary retreat from blogging.  It was due to a week-long class I took at Lipscomb and also I just wanted to step away for a little.  I decided not to continue the Living with and without campaign because I felt a little Pharasaical for doing it.  Like I wanted attention … Continue reading Break from Blogging and Personal Updates

Theology Thursday – Job – Part 3

(Click here to catch up on the Job series to get a contextual feel of where I am at) Have you ever received bad advice?  I know I have been guilty of giving bad advice and as a minister it is almost impossible to avoid the peril of "advice-giving." So many people seek it and many times I … Continue reading Theology Thursday – Job – Part 3