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February 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

10. A great post for those who are interested in dating by Perry Noble, You Probably Should Not Date Him If…

9.  Nicole Cottrell has an amazing post that talks about the goodness of God: God is Good..Blah, blah, blah…

8.  Kyle Luck speaks about materialism in a grounding post: The Appetite of North America

7.  Bert Montgomery has a good post about missiology, the kingdom of God and some common misconceptions: Of Jaws, Fishing for Men, and the Kingdom of God

6.  I am a Perry Noble junkie but another good post about what a teamn should NOT look like: Your Team Probably Isn’t A Good Team If…

5.  I came across an article in the Washington Post by Allison Gopnik that speaks about the teenage brain (really fascinating): What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind?

4.  You ever wonder why Scripture has so much poetry? Donald Miller share some insights in his post: Why Scripture Includes So Much Poetry

3.  Rachel Jankovic slapped me across the face with this post about parenting: 10 Ways to love your kids

2.  YM360 had a post titled “When is a Youth Minister Too Old to be Effective“ that was awesome but I love Doug Fields’ response in his post: 5 reasons that I’m not too old to work with teenagers

1.  Brian Ford, who blogs at Xposed2Jesus, had a post that spoke to my heart about why I do youth ministry. It’s like an Ode to Youth Ministry: I Am A Youth Minister

Happy Reading!!!


Post of the Week

January 27, 2012 — 1 Comment

Here we go! This week was a tough one…

10. Karen Lodrick had a great post for parents to read, “Teaching children media competence is key to safe social networking

9. A good theological post by Scot McKnight asking the question, “Does God still speak?

8. Seth Godin is the man and this post is concise yet thick in meaning, “Solving problems (vs identifying them)

7. Morf Morford uses the Parable of the Good Samaritan to ask, “Who is my neighbor?

6. Matthew Morine has an article I never thought I would see come from a preacher. Hats off to you Matthew: “Scholarly Journals and Usage

5. Benjamin Kerns hits it out of the park again and reminds us youth ministers, “Safety: The most important value of student ministry

4. Ever had a dream for doing something better or what you really want to do? Jon Acuff blogs about, “The most dangerous thing you can say to your dream.

3. Every youth minister, parent, teen and church-goer should read this just for the information: “CDC: Many Teen Moms Didn’t Believe They Could Get Pregnant

2. Rarely do I tear up from a post and get enraged at the same time. That’s what happened when Jim Martin wrote this post: “You Can’t Make These Stories Up (Race, Jesus, and Our Identity)

1. David Naugle writes an amazing post of something that I have been longing to feel affirmation about.  You’ll understand why, “A Serious Theology of Play

Those are mine for the week. What would you add? Youth Ministry 360 always has great posts of the week. Check them out!

Post of the Week

January 20, 2012 — 2 Comments

I am going to do a Friday post where I highlight my top ten posts in the blogosphere with number one being the post of the week.  Here they are…

10.  Christopher Heuertz had an excellent post “I Don’t Want to be a Punk, but Please Don’t Start Another Non-Profit :: Five Reasons to Reconsider

9.  Perry Noble will probably be on this weekly but adds, “10 Things Fear Causes

8.  The folks at Youth Leaders Academy have a great post “5 messages teens need to hear

7.  Richard Beck, at Experimental Theology, pricks our misconceptions, hatred and anymosity with a clever post called, “The Fence of Matthew Shepard

6.  Josh Griffin writes a great post called, “The Key to Longevity (Josh)

5.  Brian Kirk at Rethinking Youth Ministry asks, “What is the future of Youth Ministry?

4.  Scot McKnight asks, “What about a prophetic word?

3.  Chris Wesley writes, “How to Help Parents Catch a Vision for Their Teens

2.  Greg Stier has an amazing article every Youth Minister should read, “Why You Should Focus on Teenagers

1.  I came across Michael Hyatt’s blog a week ago and everything I have read has been amazing.  This blog is important for all people in every sphere of life.  He writes, “The Power of Asking the Right Question

Each post of the week will go into the final drawing this December for post of the year!  Keep blogging folks.