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Another day of fun in the sun and once again I am exhausted.  I have 3 lessons to prepare  for this Sunday and I find myself having a nasty case of preacher’s block which is like writer’s block but worse.  I hurt my back today doing something and I am actually in a lot of pain.  I think it may be a combination of lifting my 4 kids and aleeping on the world’s worst mattress and pillow.

So there is something about summer that I do not like and it is the hot temperatures which leads to something else I do not like…less clothing.  It seems that the hotter the temperature gets the less women put on when it comes to clothing.  As a guy this is difficult spiritually because we are prone to physical beauty more than women are.  On the beach girls wear bikinis which is distracting for a guy.  Here is some wisdom…just because you have a two piece bathing suit does not mean you should wear it.  Yuck.  But even if you do have an amazing body and can pull it off should you?  Are you getting a thrill out of all of the guys staring at you?  Do you think that is right?  Btw…would you showcase your bra and panties for these guys too because that is essentially what you are wearing? 

I may be old-fashioned but some things people do not need to see.  I am not saying you have to come to the beach wearing a Muslim head-dress but I am saying that guys struggle immensly with our eyes and we do not need any encouragment. 

Sounds chauvanistic…I know.  But that is the way we were created.