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I love the city I live in. Sure there are some things about Springfield that drive me crazy but I absolutely love this town. It is a rural town with some urban spices to it and I think the city is poised to grow. Or at least many residents would love to see the city grow (of course, some would love to see nobody come to town but that is a different story). Whenever I travel to different cities and small towns I love going to restaurants that are unique to the town. So I will often Google a town or I will go to my app UrbanSpoon and check out the local products. When I took the youth group to Atlanta we stayed in Duluth, GA. I used the UrbanSpoon app and found one of the best places to eat called Marlow’s Tavern. YUMMMMM!!!! It’s a bit of a challenge for me now to find local places to eat that have a good atmosphere and a variety of good food but some healthy choices along the way. So I want to give you Robbie Mackenzie’s top 5 local places to eat in Springfield, Tennessee.

5. Burdett’s Tea Shop

The fact that I even mention a tea room on my list probably just completely launched my man card out of the window. If you can get past women gossiping about each other (JUST KIDDING!!! ;)) and grumpy husbands trying to avoid eye contact this place actually has some pretty good food. I know many of you men can’t bring yourself to eating quiche and sipping on tea but I recommend the Red River Reuben which will give you absolutely more than you can handle. Yum! Husbands, if you want to build up your stock then I suggest you buy your wife a gift card to this place and go with her. It will be fine. Eat the reuben, don’t make eye contact and don’t sip tea with your pinky pointing upward.

4. The Catfish House

If you like fried food this place is where it’s at. Their catfish is awesome but a little known secret is that they have some pretty heart salads. Of course you may come across catfish experts who say they don’t like their catfish but that is because they always think they have the best recipe to fry catfish. Who cares? The seasoning is perfect and the catfish does not taste like the lake so it is excellent for me! I recommend the spicy catfish salad!

3.  Tricia’s on the Square

This little dive offers some of the best sandwiches and desserts known to mankind. A little on the pricy side but you always get quality food. They also cater to your event so that is something to consider. Their desserts are the stuff of legend. I recommend you eat the dill chicken salad sandwich and finish it off with one of the gourmet brownies. Oh my word I am about to leave my office.
Something else to consider for you Electrolux, Fabco and Bath Fitter workers: they have daily lunch specials where they serve hot meals like lasagna, spaghetti or other foods.

2.  Larry’s Restaurant

This is home-cooked food at its best. Remember mom making turnip greens, cornbread, corn and then adding a big-boy sized serving of roast beef for lunch? I don’t because my parents are Canadians but you do! They have daily plate lunches and this is a “meat-and-three” type of meals. They do not serve dinner but their breakfast and lunch will, in the words of some southern country folk I hear, “make you want to slap your momma” (watch this video for a good laugh about that phrase)!

1.  The Depot someone asks me, “Robbie, where should I go to eat in Springfield?” my go-to place to eat is The Depot. This is a little secret that Springfield people like to keep all to themselves. Me on the other hand, I want to spread the news. I love this place. They have reasonable prices with a mixture of sandwich meals, burgers and upper-end entrees. The service is amazing as many of their servers win Best Server in Robertson County. Space is limited so you may have to wait a while depending on when you come but it is worth it. I talked with a lady at the YMCA and she was from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and she asked about places to eat and I told her about The Depot and she said, “Oh I already know about that place. I go there every day for lunch and they already know what I am going to order.” Awesome! I recommend the Fried Dill Pickle Spears for an appetizer, and my three favorite meals there are the Voo-Doo Pasta, the Shrimp Po’ Boy and the Grilled Atlantic Salmon (sushi grade!).

Honorable Mention (in no-particular order):

Torino’s (Italian Food, try their deep dish pizza)

El Molcajete (Tex-Mex food, try the Steak Alambre…loosen your belt)

Willie Mae’s BBQ (I struggled with this one…perhaps is a tie for 5th on my list. Great food!)

Ichiban Steakhouse (Great Japanese Food…Springfield’s only Japanese food I think)

No. 1 Chinese Restaurant (I prefer this over Fortune Village “Blue Roof” because the food is crisp and clean).

So what would you add and take away from my list?

Disclaimer: I am not a food critic and so this is a subjective list based on my own opinion. I imagine there are all sorts of things to factor-in when eating at a restaurant: selection of foods, quality of foods, atmosphere, beer and wine selection, hostess treatment, availability of credit card payments, and on-and-on. I am not trained in that. I just feel like I know good places to eat. There’s my disclaimer.