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I do not have a lot of chances to meet with students but I try to as often as I possibly can.  One of those opportunities is school lunch.  I have been to eat lunch with kids dozens of times.  The awkward stares I get from teenagers does not get an easier and when a teenager asks me if I am the student’s dad then it really makes me feel like 100 bucks.  Not to mention that in some schools I have to get a special declaration from the President himself to eat lunch with them.  Yet, in spite of all of this the students really look forward to me eating with them.  I meet them on their own turf.  On the grounds of culture in which they peruse on a daily basis is the place where I (and Christ) can meet them on mutual terms.  At church (premises) it is a bit forced and uncomfortable but out on their own grounds they open up and I get to know them even more.

Nothing new with this idea but I recommend you eat lunch with every student in your youth group once a year…if possible.


I am going to start a series of posts that are not in succession but will be at different times when I have ideas for youth ministries.  I call it “Mom’s Purse” because growing up if I ever needed anything at the spur of the moment my mother had it in her purse.  Medicine, baby wipes, sewing kit, ingredients for chicken cordon bleu…seriously she had everything.  Youth Ministers need ideas for every aspect of ministry and so I will post some ideas (many are not original) that I come across and I will share them with you.

The first post comes from something I started last year.  Going to college is an anxious time for teenagers filled with a host of different emotions.  From packing to finances to realizing they will be without mom and dad it can be a tough time.  What I do is a I pray with them before they leave.  WOW!!!  So original…I know.  I can sense your sarcasm through the screen 😉  but the simple things are what matter and the last time I spend with these teens before they go off to college, work, armed forces or whatever I want to spend with them in the presence of God.  Because, if I never see them again (scary thought but reality) I want to meet them in the presence of God right where I left them.

Let me encourage you to sit down with your teens before they leave, go off and do whatever and pray with them.  Just pray.

“Do not worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks” (Phil. 4:6; New Century Version).